Transcendence: A Sustainable Sanctuary

As the global psychographics are shifting to a more sustainable existence, the Cultural Creatives in the United States and overseas are looking for more experiential vacations and more educational experiences. The Transcendence property on Hans Lollik Island will be catering to those Cultural Creative individuals of the world seeking to change their lives and better preserve the planet. Due to the lack of alternative dining facilities on island, all the rooms will be sold inclusive of the airport transfer, meals, taxes and gratuities. Transcendence will be a non-tipping resort and, although additional services and/or beverages will be available and served, guests will not be requested to sign any individual checks as the honor system will prevail. Non-guest revenue is not anticipated at this property to any substantial degree due to its remote location from both St Thomas and St John - the two closest populations. The property will be fully sustainable and carbon neutral from opening day forward. We will also be attracting intellectual leaders to our Wisdom Institute which will be part of our wellness programs as well as the location where exceptional individuals in all human endeavors will gather.