AMAN Santa Fe

To find peace one must often succumb to the reality and true meaning of quietness and allow oneself to be transported to a place where the senses empty themselves only to re-emerge in an  altered state of re-generation . A place where light reveals a myriad of timeless shapes, of sublime textures and colors all arranged in surreal compositions never before imagined. 

The planning and design concept for Aman Santa-Fe sets off with a journey into a dimension where a series of fractal shapes with relevant geometries are orchestrated in space and time to deliver experiences of peace, and tranquility in a vessel replete with converging histories of immutable worlds of times past.  At Aman Santa-Fe guests will step into a collection of moments designed to elicit inward emotions to then be engaged and encircled within an aura of enlightened possibilities only imagined in perhaps past moments of ephemeral nature recorded in the subconscious.