Village at Keauhou

The project’s main organizing axis reflects on powerful panoramic vistas to the Pacific Ocean and buildings are framed to such visual projections to aid in the creation of new memories and to connect with the past thus amplifying meaning and sense of place. The site adopts a new landscape infrastructure organized in a series of cascading terraces fabricated to contain new ecologies which will sustain and provide a life support system to the village at large. Within this verdant armature vegetation will bring comfort and food to the dwellers and visitors attract pollinators and thus amplify the sense of self sufficiency and thus sustainability. Water will be collected a various points within the village fabric and will be stored to later be used to irrigate and sustain life in balance. We believe that the above are the initial workings of a recipe that will nourish many. Kona will never be the same, for within ‘The Village at Keauhou’ rests the ingredients for a great life, a new experience and hope.