The vision of SBD-studio is to create a social and physical presence rooted in the creation of environments that respond to and reinforce humanity’s symbiotic relationship with the natural. At the center of this rigorous process is an intensive study of continual dialogue with place, an investment factor crucial for creating innovative design. This process intrinsically creates environments and places that not only speak to social and natural values but also create milieus that are economically synergistic with these values. We at SBD-studio believe successful places for humanity, nature and economy are not mutually exclusive but rather they support one another. An understanding and studied response to this relationship allows for innovative advancement in the design of place. These values of development that embetter the places in which we reside and an understanding of the impact of such development are necessary for the future of responsible design. In harmony with these values is the need to recreate the new urban landscape; a place where the constructed systems are integrated with and respond to the natural systems of an environment. This intentional infusion and melding of these natural elements are essential to SBD-studio’s progressive response to contemporary urban and natural landscape issues.