Las Cumbres

For ‘Las Terrazas de Cumbres’ the planning and design strategy responds to the need to position a mixed-use development project capable of addressing the demands of the local demographics as identified in the economic feasibility and marketing reports prepared for the project, as well as the desire to amplify the idea of establishing an authentic destination in the area of Cumbres near the city of Monterrey. The main driving agents for the project are a mixed-use real estate scenario designed to serve as an economic development catalyst for the region and a vibrant destination replete of opportunities to engage in a 24/7 environment. It is here where shopping, working, hospitality, conference, leisure and residential will be integrated synergistically to help establish a key landmark at the regional and metropolitan scale capable of drawing from a large segment of the population with above average purchasing power. When completed, ‘Las Terrazas de Cumbres’ will represent a major real-estate investment and an asset to the local economy and region; it will also address and embrace the numerous needs of a diverse socio-economic group within the larger metropolitan area of Monterrey who are presently demanding such opportunities.