The OM Sanctuary is situated on Richmond Hill in western Asheville, North Carolina. The proposed landscape vision for OM-Sanctuary adopts methods, ideas and principles that convey a deeply rooted commitment to the planning and design of an open space armature centered on re-establishing a long forgotten connection to the natural environment. Before the rise of Asheville, an ancient people once roamed the mountains of western North Carolina. Finely crafted stone tools and spear-points confirm that the area of present day Asheville was inhabited more than 11,000 years ago. The Cherokee lifestyles were defined by harmony with nature, sustainability, personal freedom, and a balance between work and play. Landscape related improvements to the existing grounds, as well as proposed interventions will capitalize on deriving meaning based on the site’s geomorphology, climate, local culture, traditions, ecology and overall sense of place. Through the use of sustainable systems, plantings and materials native to the Appalachian region, and architecture inspired by the Cherokee who once inhabited these mountains, OM Sanctuary will create an experience of holistic healing for self and place that will have a lasting beauty and memory.