Hyatt Roof Garden

Following Hyatt’s initiative to empower the roof-garden atop the Ball-Room space with images and elements that celebrate the culture/place of the resort and enliven the experiences of guests staying in the rooms which frame the space; SBD-studio took on the challenge and embraced the idea of establishing a landscape signature for Hyatt Regency at Gainey Ranch.


Due to very strict load constraints regarding the roof garden (21 lbs/sq ft), SBD-studio's organizing concept for the roof plants was derived from the structure of the roof itself. Understanding the location of major beams and joist helped develop the base for the finished design. Through research and working with roof garden consultant Hydrotech, we were able to develop a soil that could support plant life at a maximum 4inch depth with a weight of only 5.7 lbs/sq ft. Finished in November 2012,The Hyatt Regency in Scottsdale is now currently home to the largest roof garden in the state of Arizona at 10,000 sq ft.