Valle Poniente

The proposed Commercial | Retail development concept for “Valle Poniente” rests on building a case based on establishing a refreshing new reality within the City of Santa Catarina, and capable at the same time of responding and stimulating current and future demands in the local real estate market. The specific land uses and their distribution, as organized within the project’s urban design framework, recognize that the commercial | retail building market is increasingly becoming more competitive in terms of design, architecture, and sustainability. For this reason, the need for radically improved strategies which continually create and strengthen whole communities firmly committed to place and environment is crucial. The project’s most salient elements will capitalize and sustain their business platforms from the site’s intrinsic attributes. When completed “Valle Poniente” will most certainly become the destination of choice, as it will provide distinctive areas of respite with an authentic sense of place; an escape from the abstract, disorderly and confusing shopping alternatives and experiences found today in Monterrey.