Aridus Winery

The story of the landscape for ‘Aridus Wine Company’ focuses on celebrating the region’s natural attributes and cultural richness found in the Southeast desert of Arizona. Throughout our design process we came to believe that nothing can be more authentic than staying true to the materials, colors, textures and overall sense of place found in this region, and in recognizing the potential each element possesses to establishing and authentic landscape signature for the project. The landscape design concept represents a dynamic and playful assertion on the territory. Its elemental components invite a series of geometric projections choreographed to establish a singular memory of place rooted in celebrating the particular intricacies found in this elegant landscape and weave in its composition the internal operations of Aridus Wine Company. Sightlines are arranged so as to intercross one another, passing alternately over and under; intertwined to bring attention to spatial organizations characterized by singular landscape moments along a continuous flow of gardens and pathways, where green voids and erected structures are architectural equals.