Playa del Carmen

The design strategy or direction adopts as a point of departure the natural occurrences found in the Yucatan Peninsula and overlays its energy onto the cultural fabric to activate moments designed to create a new memory of place within the area of intervention along Quinta Avenida. The process delves into a close observation, as-similation and re-interpretation of those natural and anthropocentric manifestations within the region and allows each to come together to influence and bring forth a series of recombinant schemes organized to establishing and influence new urban conditions which vibrate and work in unison to deliver an honest and asserted dialog with the natural; something which today is absent in most contemporary consumer oriented retail and mixed-use schemes. Both schemes herein introduced; Option-One / The Fluid and Option-Two / The Tectonic adopt geometries and suggest spatial occurrences, volumetric attitudes and finishes which are in direct dialog with the existing dynamics of place.